Spare parts logistics, for both suppliers and users of spare parts, is increasing in importance in providing a competitive advantage.

Market development:

  • Revenue and profits from replacement parts are increasing dramatically: replacement parts sales contribute as much as 70% to the overall service revenue of many service companies.
  • The EBIT margin on replacement parts can be as high as 40%.
  • Excellent service and availability of replacement parts are crucial factors for customer retention


Customer Expectations:

  • Fast and simple identification of required replacement parts by the customer (application of a real time digital catalogue)
  • Active succession management and continuous replacement parts change management
  • Fast availability and quick delivery of spare parts
  • Short reaction times during bid solicitations and technical clarification
  • Short delivery times and highest level of availability (guaranteed availability of certain replacement parts)
  • Strict observation of delivery dates
  • Replacement parts of the highest quality
  • Reasonable prices calculated from quality, availability, delivery times and the originality of spare parts’ brands
  • Efficient returns and repair management
  • Electronic order processing of spare parts (E-shop)

Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of your logistics’ outsourcing potential, related supply chain consulting
  • Development and implementation of bespoke replacement parts logistics systems designed to meet your enterprise’s specific requirements
  • Comparison of your performance indicators with the benchmarks developed by Pierau Logistics
  • Development of site drawings and plans, site concepts and warehouse concepts
  • Planning and development of technical facilities (goods inwards, storage, picking, packing, dispatch, returns etc.), encompassing optimizing material flow.
  • Defining the required level of automation
  • Further development of your IT systems (IT specifications, Interface definition, simulations)
  • Selection of an appropriate WMS, ERP and supplier management systems)
  • Professional management and implementation of your logistics projects.