As a fulfilment provider, you face the challenge of balancing different demands and requirements. The greater your range of services, the higher your profit margins, the more probable a long-term customer relationship, the smaller the number of interfaces which potentially could affect a smooth performance. Thus you must strive to achieve a broad scope of services and to fulfil the demands and requirements of your customers.

It is exactly these demands and requirements, however, that make your logistics process extremely complicated. Your customers’ different range of articles, package structures, stores and distribution channels test your services. Furthermore it is expected that you are able to react without delay to changes in product range, seasonal fluctuations and events like the introduction of a new online business.

With only modern, flexible and scalable systems can the multi faceted demands of a wide and varied customer base be met without compromising the personal business touch. Pierau Logistics is able and willing to support you in planning and implementing those systems. For more than 50 years our company has implemented high-performance systems meeting the demands of a multitude of customers with their own specific requirements, product ranges and distribution structures. We have had the privilege to support renowned logistics service providers in creating and developing the processing systems for their respective customers.


Our services at a glance

  • Implementation of processing systems that can be utilized by a wide range of customers.
  • Planning of modular systems that can be introduced as and when required without any customer involvement.
  • Long, medium and short term planning and optimizing the site, distribution structure and internal logistics.
  • High-performance solutions the benefits of which can be passed onto the customer and include dispatch, storage, production , distribution, returns packaging, QA etc.
  • Support in carrying out the calculation of project costs, tender documentation and supplier negotiations.
  • Design and implementation of systems providing you with a real market advantage.
  • Support in selecting WM systems allowing for interfaces to your customers’ multiple IT systems
  • Project management when adding new customers to your system

P.S. If you are considering the transfer of your own warehousing and fulfilment operations to a third party then please continue reading “Logistics Outsourcing.” You will learn how we might support you at this challenging stage of your development.