Pierau Planung has 55 years’ experience in stock

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Pierau Planung has 55 years’ experience in stock

Founded in 1961 by Ehrhardt Pierau and now in its second generation, we are a truly well-established company. This year we will be celebrating our 55th anniversary and we have an almost equally long relationship with some of our clients. Our customers know that our approach is always ‘best practice’ and that we will always find the optimal solution for their individual requirements – this is what has made us so successful. “We look forward to many more successful years in which we can assist small start-ups as well as medium-sized and large global players with their logistics, distribution and supply chain current needs and future developments,” says Arne Pierau.

We are a Team

Our company is represented by our three Managing Directors: Lothar Hättich is the first point of contact for all customers in the field of logistics and supply chain in German-speaking countries. Arne Pierau is the principal contact for strategy, supply chain and international customers and Björn Brunkow heads up our industry and production division together with national and international business development. It is here that the connection, between industry-specific requirements and the logistics expertise for which we have been known for decades, is made. Running parallel to their management tasks, all three executives are involved in the respective project management. Consequently, they are always up-to-date with the market and current technological developments with regard to our customers.

Our logistics experts, with their many years’ experience, provide dynamic, continuing development and innovative solutions. Our team of 30 permanent employees is made up of senior and junior project managers, analysts, CAD technicians and engineers as well as the marketing department and back office staff. In addition, we can draw on a talent pool of tried and tested employees from many different industries.

Our project managers are graduate engineers or graduate industrial engineers who are joined by specialists in data analysis, production logistics, supply chain management, material flow optimisation, logistics outsourcing, ERP systems and much more. All this means we can offer our customers a wide range of services and expertise in all markets, businesses and industries.

We are Constantly Evolving

A holiday in the Winter of 1960 sparked the start of our company’s history. A simple ski lift was the source of inspiration for the ground-breaking idea of an overhead conveyor system. It was our founder, Ehrhardt Pierau, who had this ’Eureka!’ moment and it has been onwards and upwards ever since. Our logistics highlights include the first carton high bay warehouse (1970), direct carton picking (1980), returns processing systems and single stage PbL systems (1990), automatic hanging garment systems (2000) and dynamic dispatch and return systems (2010).

We have achieved a lot since our 50th birthday five years ago and we continue to set the tone, always constantly evolving. The ’Industry and Production’ customer segment has returned to the spotlight at Pierau Planung. Drawing on past experience from our extensive portfolio we are able to advice on a course of action for a strong manufacturing industry with efficient and economical logistics. In addition, we have expanded our range of services to bring our clients’ logistics in line with the very latest trends and to keep them fit for the future. We have also been expanding in Europe and now have key partners in countries including Russia, England, Austria, Italy, Turkey and Poland where we have established good bases to provided resident customers with our expertise in their native language.

So, what does the future hold in store?

Just ask us!


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