Logistics Screening: reduce throughput times with minimum effort

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Logistics Screening: reduce throughput times with minimum effort

Pierau Planung provides consolidated analysis for process optimisation in commercial and production facilities

Whether it is badly placed storage or a lack of ergonomics at workstations, it is often only the little things that unintentionally hamper intralogistic processes and can actually slow down performance values in retail or production logistics.  Pierau Planung’s Logistics Screening can quickly reveal any such weaknesses without any immediate high-level investment.

An example of a small change making a huge impact happened at the packing station in the logistics of a well-known e-commerce company.  As part of a Logistics Screening, the consultants at Pierau Planung assessed operations in storage and shipping.  Their objective analysis demonstrated, amongst others that overly narrow storage boards on a conveyor system made a complicated shifting, tilting and supporting action necessary when processing individual boxes.  In addition, the original planning of the workstation had not provided for the installation of a tape dispenser, so the staff had to improvise.  Both shortcomings could be quickly resolved with minimal effort.  The improved ergonomics resulted in significantly reduced throughput times and physical relief for the employees.  In another case, a saving of more than 20 per cent in the path-time was made possible through optimising the arrangement of storage bins.  This was achieved during ongoing operation and without significant investment costs.  “There is room for improvement in almost all intralogistic but it is rarely recognised in-house,” Arne Pierau points out. He continues, “With our Logistics Screening, we can achieve long-term, effective productivity gains within a few weeks, which more than pay off for the customer.”