Industry and production – Logistics concepts for everyone

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Industry and production – Logistics concepts for everyone

The mechanical engineering, electrical, chemical, raw material production, aviation and automobile industries are all characterised by the need for perpetual innovation on the one hand and continual cost pressure from global competition on the other. Redesign, investment, weak point analyses and production & logistics optimisation along the supply chains are commonplace – and are frequently in conflict with the shortest possible ROI (return on investment) times.

Taking into account the current Lean standards and the objectives of Industry 4.0, material and information flows planning – both inbound, in production and outbound – represents one of the major challenges here.

What does Pierau Planung do?

A fresh face, an old hand: Who is Pierau Planung? Pierau Planung are leading experts in the field of logistics and supply chain planning. For over 50 years we have been known as planner, optimizer and sparring partner to our many customers from all walks of industry. We have successfully implemented material flow and storage solutions for industries ranging from an international automotive aftermarket provider, via multichannel sales from the textile world with 100,000 shipments per day, to the provision of spare parts in an oil refinery.

We look after companies of all sizes, from start-ups to global players, from optimisation of a single plant to acting as general planner in implementing a brand new greenfield site.

Since 2015, we have been significantly expanding our expertise in industrial and production planning together with our managing director, Björn Brunkow, and with senior consultants new to our team. With our broad “classical logistics” know-how we are now the first port of call for all questions relating to cross-sector transport from A to B as well as for the design of new storage, production and logistics solutions.

What are the processes in detail?

We can design your material and information flows in accordance with the proven Lean Management approach and optimise the entire supply chain in a sustainable, efficient and value-adding way.

Typically, our work as planner and project manager involves designing layouts for logistics and production right up to the planning of the entire plant structure.  Initially as a concept, in the tender preparation and implementation, and subsequently down to the finest detail. We develop solutions for materials storage and picking and design the required logistics facilities. Determining quantities and timings for material supply, as well as selecting suitable means of transport (route trains, driverless transport systems, stacker control systems, etc.) all fall within our remit.  Our scope also includes defining the hard and software landscape and planning robust and manageable production systems.

For each project, it is important for us to plan holistically – irrespective of whether our order scope includes ‘just’ the retrofit of an existing plant or redesigning an entire plant.  In doing so, we always strive for the ideal solution for every single component of the concept.  It is crucial to maintain the balance between the individual needs of the company and the project with regards to optimal inventories, lean organisation, high throughput and minimum capital commitment.  Profitability is paramount for us – not only with regard to the individual solution we develop for each customer, but also with regard to our integration into a project.  As experienced project managers, we always bear in mind the budget, timing and the interests of all those involved.  In the ideal scenario, we are long-term companions to our customers, always available with an objective point of view for the exchange of ideas on further development of the logistics, production and supply chain.

Stock Reduction

Reduction of stock along the entire supply chain, yet still able to deliver on time and with the shortest of lead times.

Lean Production

Implementation of a slimmed-down organisation in the sense of “Lean Production“ (Synchronous Production – Continuous and customer-clocked flow – Pull Control – One Piece Flow – Milk Runs – JIT / JIS / KANBAN)

Minimised Capital Commitment

Increase competitivity by reducing costs. Reduce manufacturing costs while simultaneously reducing capital commitment due to optimised storage management and high performance distribution.


Increase in material handling with the same or fewer resources.