Pierau Planung and Bergzeit scale new logistics heights

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Pierau Planung and Bergzeit scale new logistics heights

Hamburg planning consultancy assists mountain sports equipment supplier in planning a new central warehouse in Otterfing

The mountain sports equipment supplier Bergzeit GmbH is currently building its new headquarters, including a central warehouse, in the municipality of Otterfing, Bavaria. The new building was preceded by a logistics concept study carried out by Pierau Unternehmensberatung in October 2015. Experts at the independent Hamburg consultancy prepared a comparison of different logistics concepts with a subsequent recommendation and this concept study was completed by January 2016. Pierau Planung was ultimately commissioned with further detailed planning together with the implementation phase.

Originally set up as a tour planner, Bergzeit.de has been an outdoor shop for more than ten years specialising in high quality mountain sports, outdoor and travel clothing and equipment. Now with 136 employees, the company from the Bavarian Oberland has emerged as a leader in mountain sports online retailers. 6,200 m2 of floor space is available to meet the logistics requirements with further structural and logistical expansion options possible on this site. The management and departments including marketing and accounting are also at the site in Otterfing. Bergzeit delivers to 23 countries including Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Starting Point

“We are growing so dynamically that we ran out of space,” said Jakob Oberrauch, owner of Bergzeit. “As a result of their excellent references and vast experience in the planning and implementation of complex logistics centres, we decided to commission Pierau Planung with a concept study. In doing so, different processing options could be compared and a recommendation for a needs-oriented operating facility, functioning at maximum efficiency could be given.“

Step-by-step Approach as Best Solution

In comparing the different processing options, the step-by-step approach has proved to be the ideal solution. “The target of increasing both storage, shipping capacity and productivity could only be reached with a new headquarters and not just an expansion of the existing central warehouse,“ says Lothar Hättich, managing director at Pierau Planung. “We have identified material flow as the most important component and have endorsed the gradual implementation of an automated solution from optimised manual processing.“

Bergzeit has acquired premises of over 14,000 m2 in a commercial area from the municipality of Otterfing. Furthermore, around 60 additional jobs are expected to be created. The new buildings are scheduled to be brought into operation by Autumn 2017.


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