Give a dog a bone Pierau Planung pulls off an ambitious logistics concept for Trixie

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Give a dog a bone Pierau Planung pulls off an ambitious logistics concept for Trixie

TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG supplies around 7,000 regular customers worldwide with items for dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, fish and reptiles from a range of more than 6,500 products. The company employs in excess of 300 permanent staff with over 70 temporary workers. 

The logistics experts at Pierau Planung in Hamburg have developed a modernisation logistics concept for this high profile wholesaler, which will increase the existing warehouse capacity. “The biggest challenge we faced with this project was that the entire warehouse expansion, together with process optimisation, had to be implemented during on-going operations,“ said project leader Andreas Beermann Dipl. –Ing. In the meantime, modernisation has been successfully completed and the new warehouse shuttles and lifts are running at full tilt.

Perfect Planung: Make way for a smooth operation!

Pierau’s specialists performed an in-depth analysis of the relevant processes, which resulted in them designing suitable measures to increase capacity and make the entire process more efficient. After close collaboration between Trixie and Pierau, the proposed concept was agreed and, following tendering out on individual jobs, work on the actual optimisation measures was able to start.

All this was done during the busiest periods. For instance, Pierau and Trixie faced an enormous challenge in increasing the picking capacity, which was already severely limited. “Workflows in the warehouse had to be restructured so as to allow for the dismantling of racking systems without affecting the packing or shipping processes, for example,“ Andreas Beermann explained with reference to the specific requirements of the project.

Pierau Planung Performs Paperless Picking!

Optimisation measures included, among other things, the installation of a shuttle system with around 19,000 storage locations together with a direct connection to different work zones via the use of conveyor technology. Consequently, Trixie now has completely paperless picking, which greatly simplifies the running of all the different logistics processes in the warehouse.

The fruits of collaboration

Following modernisation, Trixie is now even better equipped to meet the requirements of wholesale trading. Increased productivity and higher profitability are just two of the positive benefits and another example is the improved workstation ergonomics. “Upon acceptance of the project, we were very pleased to note that all our wishes and ideas put forward in the constructive collaboration have been implemented. The optimisation was a complete success,” said Jan Petersen, Head of Warehouse Logistics at Trixie.



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