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Welcome to Pierau Logistics

Pierau Logistics Ltd is the UK arm of the Hamburg based logistics and supply chain specialists Pierau Planung. Pierau Logistics Ltd are based near Brighton and were formed in 2007 to support the parent company in supplying logistics solutions to UK customers. Our services cover every aspect of warehouse and supply chain logistics and include:

  • Assessment of supply chain infrastructure including site locations
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of existing logistics processes and systems
  • Optimization and modernization of current warehouse systems
  • Planning of new distribution centres including concepts and detailed specifications
  • Management of MHE tender process and supplier selection
  • Project management including  interface and schedule coordination and KPI adherence
  • Staff planning and training
  • Outsourcing

Our recent customers include ASOS, NEXT and Dow Chemical. Take a look at our Services and Project pages for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Services Include

Logistics Planning & Consulting

Logistics planning goals are universal: an ideal balance between a high delivery performance, reliability, flexibility and scalability on the one hand and the lowest possible stock levels, minimal transportation and handling costs and a high level of economic efficiency on the other hand.

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Warehouse Planning

Planning a warehouse is far more than simply drawing a rack or a conveyor onto a footprint. Planning is about providing your company with an optimized warehousing solution that smoothly fits into your overall logistics processes and meets all the special requirements of your industry, your products and your distribution structure.

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Planning & Optimizing The Material Flow Process

Planning new material flows or optimizing existing ones should in theory not be difficult. It is usually obvious which steps have to be taken and which areas have to be scrutinized, and what the key external and internal influencing factors are.

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Distribution Logistics

We support you in planning and implementing the optimum logistics distribution system. We determine external framework conditions and compare your company’s current performance indicators and  values with the benchmarks from your industry. 

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Logistic Outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of the most basic ”make or buy“ decisions a business has to make. On the one hand, this focuses the business on its core activities, helps to reduce capital spending, increases flexibility and reduces personnel expenditure.

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Logistics Fulfillment & Contract Logistics
As a fulfilment provider, you face the challenge of balancing different demands and requirements. The greater your range of services, the higher your profit margins, the more probable a long-term customer relationship, the smaller the number of interfaces which potentially could affect a smooth performance.

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Supply Chain Consulting & Chain Management
Decreasing stock turns, delivery times that do not meet the target benchmarks and growing freight charges are indicators that it is time for an in-depth analysis of the supply chain strategy and structure.

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Optimization of Logistics Processes

Experience gained in a multitude of projects provides us with an objective view and a feel for where the pinch points in your operation are and what the potential for improvement is.

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Production Logistics

Production plants present particular challenges to associated logistics and storage processes: material flow, stock keeping and access times must be aligned exactly to ensure a flexible response to changing demands, to a reduction in handling costs, a faster throughput and shorter delivery times.

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ERP & Warehouse Management Systems

The IT system is at the heart of your logistics operation. Without a trouble free interaction between ERP, WMS and the MFC, no smooth performance can be achieved.

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Replacement & Spare Parts Logistics

Spare parts logistics, for both suppliers and users of spare parts, is increasing in importance in providing a competitive advantage.

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